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In 1993 Bart gave his life to Christ. Since then, he knew that God had a special plan for him. Bart has always had a love for music. Once he discovered Christian music, he knew that was where God wanted him to be. Bart's mission, is to help the lost get saved but also help the saved stay encouraged in their walk. With the message in his songs and his testimony of money struggles, going through a divorce, losing a home, yet never giving up; most people can relate to his life. Bart says, We often try so hard to do what is right and yet, Satan keeps trying to wear us down. Personally I have wanted to give up many times. Through the love and encouragement of others I have continued to follow Gods will. That is the same thing I want to send to others.
In Roman's 13:10 ;Love does no wrong to anyone, so love satisfies all of God's requirements;, and Ephesians 5:1-2 ;Therefore be imitators of God as beloved children, And walk in Love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God;. Bart says that we need to show more love and understanding towards each other and to be that reflection of Jesus Christ, so that others will want what we have , as Christians.

Bart is from the small town in Cherryville, North Carolina. He has 2 kids who is grown, daughter graduated from Sacramento State in California and got her masters at Appalachian University in NC. She is now married living back in California, and son who graduated from UNC Asheville and married living in Gastonia NC. He is now a paw paw, his son and his wife Toey had his first Grandson in 2017, and in 2019 he was a paw paw again with his granddaughter born in California.  

Bart used to be a member of First Wesleyan Church in Cherryville, NC and was the youth leader (pastor) and has been a youth praise band instructor , has taught Sunday school, and has led the praise and worship music. Bart, after many years in youth ministry felt like it was time to move on as he resigned from being the youth pastor the end of 2017 and is preparing to evangelise more when he goes out to sing. Doing revivals and special services. He is now a member of Anthony Grove Baptist Church in Crouse NC. Bart has preached the morning message and evening messages while filling in for the pastor at First Wesleyan while there and also at Hephzibah ARP Presbyterian, in Bessemer City, NC, and homecomings at various churches in the state.  Bart has also helped start praise and worship music, at the First Presbyterian Church, another church in the Cherryville community.

In 2003 Bart had a #1 song on the Inspirational Country Music charts out of Nashville for the Power Of Prayer, and 2 more that was in the top 10 from the CD Titled "The Power of Prayer". Bart recently has put his focus on his speaking and as of August of 2014, started to get back to the Christian Country that he started with, reaching those who like the style of music from Country, Bluegrass and Southern Gospel and this time focusing on traveling and evangelizing more, bringing hope and encouragement to those that hear his songs and message.  Along with Christian Country, Bart has started a Bluegrass Gospel CD project and also a Contemporary Christian Project.  

Bart started his own record label/production and promotion company in 2019, to help others who are trying to bring the message of Christ through singing. Bart said, "I know how hard it is just to find churches, Cowboy Churches, and so on to let them come and minister through song. I just want to help by making sure those he helps can sing and in the ministry for the right reason, Bart states". He offers videos, radio promotion, business videos, real estate videos, and recording and songwriting for the artists.

The Lord has given Bart the talent of singing, and he wants to offer his voice to God, believing he will take it, and use it for His glory and allow Bart to impact the lives of others. Bart is a talented man whose faith has led him to minister the words of his teaching through song. Bart says, as in Matthew 5 13-16,  I want to be the salt of the earth, to help season the lives of others through music. Bart has been writing and performing Christian music since 1996. Writing songs in Christian Country, Bluegrass, and Contemporary Christian music.  His goal is to minister to as many churches with his music and to reach people through the songs that he has been blessed with. His songs from his first project about being a parent, putting God first in marriage, and songs that tell stories about the healing power of God through the power of Prayer and about the strong faith of an elderly lady he met, surely will touch anyone in any service or congregation.

Then with his  CD project titled "Glad I Heard The Call" which came out November of 2014, you can hear the passion he has for people. He just wants everyone to see and experience the awesome Lord that followers of Christ have experienced. He says "It's something everyone will not regret, to feel the love our Lord has for everyone, if everyone will just be open minded and see the results.

Now with the new project "Angels Don't Always Have Wings"  which was released Jan 2019, and is currently releasing his second song to radio "Invisible" April of 2020 with also a video. His talent of songwriting comes to give hope and encouragement with songs like the title cut. The Greek word for "Angel" simply means "messenger". Bart said, we all are angels, a messenger of God, with the only message that saves people from Hell!  We can all get the Word out there not because we must, but because we can and because that is what God made us all for, to be that Angel without Wings.  And with other songs from the project and a variety of Christian Country, Bluegrass and Contemporary, everyone can find that song they can relate to.      


Thank you for your giving to this ministry. It will be used wisely for God's Kingdom. As I travel and bring the message of Christ and Sing the songs he has given me I see people who have been blessed by Christ using me. Again thank you for your support and with all donations Bart Fortenbery Ministry will send you a receipt for your gift for Tax purposes.

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